Date: 22/04/2019
Sub: Feedback / suggestions invited on the Teacher Education Manual (including Special Education and Physical Education - applicable for all cycles)

NAAC has prepared draft manual for Teacher Education including Special Education and Physical Education in RAF - applicable for all cycles.

Faculty of Teacher Education, Special Education and Physical Education Institutions, educationists and other stakeholders are requested to give their valuable feedback/suggestions to NAAC by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before 10th May 2019. Kindly give your feedback in the format provided below: Metric No. Feedback
1 1.1.1  
2 2.2.3  
3 5.1.2  
  Any other  

Your constructive suggestions would help the NAAC in improving the tool and also quality in Teacher Education.

The Institutions coming for Accreditation will be required to give all information in self study report by online only. Majority of the information’s are in the Quantitative Metrics QnM form and the rest are in Qualitative Metrics QlM form.

This Manual is only in draft stage. After getting the feedback from Institutions, a National Consultative Meeting will be held to finalize and upload the Teacher Education Manual on the NAAC website.

Looking forward for your valuable feedback.


Prof. S. C. Sharma
Director, NAAC