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Apply Online


Letter of Intent (LOI)

All the Colleges and Universities coming for Assessment and Accreditation to NAAC have to submit their Letter of Intention (LOI) Online.

In order to facilitate institutions to view the LOI, prior to filling up the format, the PDF versions are given below. Please note this is only for perusal and NAAC will accept only online applications. All institutions should have an institutional website prior to the submission of LOI (websites with special characters are not accepted due to security reasons) and should have upload the Self Study Report (SSR) on their institutional website and the link provided in the LOI.



Thank you for your co-operation.



Director, NAAC 


Letter of Intent (LOI) Forms



College of Physical Education / College of Teacher Education


Physical Education University / Teacher Education University


NAAC does not undertake the accreditation of Physical Education / Teacher Education departments.


Institutional Eligibility of Quality Assessment (IEQA)

For all colleges only online applications will be accepted. The PDF version is view only
Format of IEQA for B.Ed with/without M. Ed. colleges
Format of IEQA for BPEd. colleges
Format of IEQA for MEd. colleges
Format of IEQA for MPEd. colleges

Self Study Report (SSR) for Universities.

Assessment & Accreditation process coordinators or administrators from the universities can register and prepare Self Study Reports Online by clicking on the following link. 

Self Study Report (SSR) Submission Process for Universities
The university administrator can create multiple users/experts to assist or guide in preparing different sections of the SSR document. A brief user manual and video are included on the application portal.*****************************************************************************************************************